26 Dec 2023

D-8 International University held the seminar Preparing Future Workforce in the Age of Technological Disruptions

  • On December 25, 2023, a seminar titled "Preparation Future Workforce in the Age of Technological Disruptions" was held by D-8 International University in collaboration with Bu-Ali Sina University and Jiroft University. This seminar was centered on the speech of Prof. Abdul Razak Ahmad from Malaysia. Professor Razak, a professor at Malaysian universities, the founder and director of the Bayt Al Amanah Malaysia think tank, the Chairman of the EMGS, the special representative of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia in the field of peace building and countering Islamophobia and also a member of the Council of Foreign Policy Advisors of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia. 
  • Prof. Razak mentioned that the way of life will change in the future by referring to the importance of technological changes and living conditions and increasing emerging challenges. He pointed out that the people of the world will move towards urban life and also the increase of migrations, therefore future workforce should strengthen its fundamental capabilities in four ways: 1. Multilingualism 2. International outlook and understanding 3. Strong from a basic knowledge 4. Accurate skills (ability to work with computer and generate and recognize data) and smart skills (ability to communicate and be suitable with people).
  • At the end of this meeting Professor Razak signed a memorandum of understanding as an adjunct professor with D-8 International University. Professor Afendi from Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin, Malaysia, also signed a memorandum of understanding as an adjunct academic professor of D-8 International University.
  • This meeting was held in-person and online with participants from Iran and D-8 member state countries.


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