30 Oct 2023

The 4th Technology Transfer Award

The 4th Technology Transfer Award (TTA 2023), will be held on 12-13 March, 2024, in Turkey, initiated by the D-8 Technology Transfer and Exchange Network (D-8 TTEN), and hosted/sponsored by Gebze Technical University (GTU). During the ceremony, the best technology transfer contract will be awarded a cash prize worth of 10,000 USD.

The criteria for eligible contracts are as follows:

  • Contract date: January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023
  • Contract location: D-8 member and/or OIC member countries
  • Done by a technology transfer method.

Although applications are accepted from all fields, the priority areas determined for TTA 2023 include:

  • Financial technologies,
  • Intelligent production systems,
  • Climate change and sustainability,
  • E-commerce technologies,
  • Smart education technologies,
  • Artificial intelligence,
  • Defense and unmanned vehicle technologies,
  • Bioinformatics,
  • Data analytics/big data, cybersecurity.

Interested organizations and companies can directly register through https://d8tten.org/technology-transfer-award/ until January 1, 2024. For further details, please contact us at d8@gtu.edu.tr or +90 262 605 1203.

The award for the best technology transfer between one of the eight member countries of D-8 and the member countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is given by the Secretariat of the D-8 TTEN to the best case of technology transfer which is awarded to a contract between two private technology companies.

The concept of presenting this award was introduced during the second High Council Meeting of the D-8 TTEN in Nigeria, in 2014. The proposal was approved by representatives from member countries, and it was decided that the award would be presented annually.

In accordance with the regulations, the “Technology Transfer Award” will be presented to the best technology transfer case between at least one member country of the D-8 group and other Islamic countries. The criteria used for evaluating and presenting the award include the technological capabilities of the company providing the technology, the financial volume of the contract, the timeframe for the technology transfer process, the method used for the technology transfer, and the rate of return on the capital of the technology recipient.


  1. A certificate recognizing the best technology transfer contract, signed by the Secretaries of the D-8 organization and the D-8 TTEN.
  2. Free attendance of the winning companies to one of the D-8 TTEN events, with travel and accommodation expenses covered.
  3. A cash prize of $5,000 awarded to each party involved in the contract.


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