03 Feb 2024

Unveiling the Administrative and Educational Hub: D-8 International University's New Building Inauguration

Unveiling the Administrative and Educational Hub: D-8 International University's New Building Inauguration

  • According to the university's public relations report, the opening of the administrative and educational building of D-8 International University with the presence of officials including Prof. Mohammad Ali Zolfigol, Minister of Science, Research and Technology, Dr. Alireza Ghasemi Farzad, Governor of Hamedan, Dr. Hamidreza Haji Babaei, representative of Hamadan, in the Islamic Council, Dr. Hossein Rezvan, the President of Bu Ali Sina University, and a group of faculty members and staff of Bu Ali Sina University were held on Thursday, February 1, 2024.
  • In this ceremony, Prof. Abbas Afkhami, the Cancellor of D-8 International University, explained the network development system of the university and the conclusion of memorandums of understanding and extensive cooperation with 5 universities from Iran, 6 universities from Malaysia, 2 universities from Bangladesh, 5 universities from Pakistan and 2 universities from Indonesia. These effective measures have led to the development of international cooperation and the strengthening of educational institutions in these countries.
  • In this ceremony, Prof. Zolfigol expressed his gratitude for the efforts and efforts of Prof. Abbas Afkhami and stated that despite various challenges and obstacles, D-8 International University has been able to expand its international and academic capacity by signing memorandums of understanding and expanding international scientific cooperation. to promote in a wide and bold way.
  • According to the university's news report, these agreements and international cooperations have played a very important role in the development of the university and increasing scientific interactions with other universities inside and outside the country. By signing various international memorandums, D-8 International University has brought many opportunities in the field of knowledge exchange, joint research and technology development. These memorandums are considered as a bridge for expanding scientific cooperation, exchanging professors and students, and improving educational and research standards in D-8 International University.
  • Also, the international collaborations of this university in various fields, including the international water project between the D-8 countries, information technology, engineering and human sciences are highlighted as outstanding examples of increasing scientific communication and exchange of ideas with prestigious universities and research centers worldwide. These collaborations will give international credit to the development of D-8 International University as an outstanding and well-known scientific center.
  • This achievement is not only a sign of the progress of D-8 International University, but also a living example of commitment and international cooperation in the field of scientific and technological development and progress.


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