Objectives and Vision

Some of the announced objectives of D-8 International University include the following:
1. Admitting students, especially from D-8 member states and non-member states, establishment of courses in higher education, issuance and grant of academic degrees and certificates, holding short-term courses leading to obtaining a degree, issuing and awarding other academic degrees,
2. Conducting research projects, holding conferences, seminars, workshops, granting awards, and holding other international scientific and academic events,
3. International cooperation, publishing scientific journals and newsletters, and organizing cultural programs to strengthen cultural exchanges among D-8 nations,
4. Offering scholarships, exchanging students, professors, and offering sabbaticals,
5. Offering consultations to countries, organizations, other applicants in the fields of education, science, technology and innovation,
6. Conducting research programs to determine the priorities and educational, scientific, and technological needs of D-8 countries,
7. Establishing specialized centers and branches in all the member states, facilitating and sharing of knowledge, along with supporting the industry-university link and enhancing the standards of education among the D-8 countries,
8. Training human resources to meet the needs of D-8 countries. According to the rules of procedure of the first Focal Points Meeting of D-8 member states, currently the University will only admit students in postgraduate level and the admission is Cv-based and the nominees will be admitted from among students outside Iran.